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Are you looking to write a book? Do you have a manuscript or book proposal, that needs an honest appraisal? Are you thinking of self-pubilshing but feel totally overwhelmed by all the options available to you? We understand the ins and outs of publishing and can help you navigate the way to a published book.

Need help with your query letter? Your book proposal? Have a manuscript that needs a thoughtful and honest appraisal? Or do you need full editorial support or a top-notch writing partner to help you take your ideas and craft them into a book ?


Wherever you are in the book writing or pitching process, we can assist you in getting your material in the best shape possible. From ghostwriting, to developmental editing, to our economical QUICK evaluation services, we'll help you get your work publication-ready.

Need a QUICK Assessment of your Query Letter, Book Proposal, or Nonfiction Manuscript?

Get prompt assistance today!

Need a QUICK Evaluation of Your Work?
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