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June is an editorial, publishing, and creative consultant extraordinaire. She sincerely knows every single aspect of the publishing world and impresses and amazes with her keen eye, deep intellect, and unimaginable breadth of knowledge and perspective. I first retained June’s professional services for an evaluation of a book proposal. Her assessment was unbelievably astute, thoughtful, and necessary. In several pages she had mapped out exactly what would be needed to strengthen, tighten, and best ready my book for query. I was immediately sold! Our professional relationship has continued with June then overseeing the complete overhaul of my original manuscript, creation of my website, securement of a fantastic literary agent, and eventual signing of a book deal with a major and highly reputable publisher. Her expert counsel has been invaluable, and her unwavering support and resolute dedication to my book unparalleled. If you want to get your book published, you want June leading your team. I will forever attribute the majority of my book’s success to June.

Joey Miller, MSW, LCSW

Wellsprings Health Associates

June is a true professional and visionary. Her creativity and ideas inspired and guided me to hone in on a clear message and method to attract clients. I highly recommend her for editing, creating and promoting your book and or business.

Heidi DuBois, RDH

HDR Dental Solutions

My platform needed a major overhaul. When I had finished checking possible media experts, June was the standout. June mapped out my areas of expertise and strengths along with a plan to utilize all of my skills and to develop some new ones as well. As she built a totally new interactive website, she made numerous suggestions that kept me busy all summer . . . I'm amazed and delighted. But with continuing encouragement from June . . . I learned some new skills and took some risks and ventured outside my comfort zone. And it feels good!

Dr. Kathy McCoy

Psychologist & Bestselling Author

I have to say that without (June), I don't know when this book would be finished. I will be always grateful for all the effort (she) put in this project. This book is (hers) as much as it is mine.

Evandro Caregnato

Culinary Director, Texas de Brazil and Author of CHURRASCO

June, thank you for being a great leader in this project! You have done a spectacular job and you are a real pro!

Dianne Linderman

Kids Can Cook!

(June) will quickly offer multiple strategies for meeting any challenge. She's in touch with current trends, and . . . is tuned in to her client's evolving priorities, and she adapts with unwavering enthusiasm.

James Doran


We cannot say enough about Get There Media. They are wonderful to work with and have opened our eyes to new possibilities. We appreciated their marvelously creative ideas and their undying support for us.

Drs Charles & Elizabeth Schmitz

Marriage Experts and Authors

Get There Media did a terrific job in creating a thoughtful marketing plan for me and it made all the difference to my site re-do . . . I am so glad I had access to their wisdom when I did.

Kate Kelly


June creatively aces even the most challenging tasks with efficiency, energy, and excellence.

"Dr. Erika" Shearin Karres


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Our thanks to June Clark for the invaluable help she gave us with re-writing our proposal.

Barbara Paskoff & Carol Pack


I am honored to have come across someone with [June's] talents and expertise.

Leslie White

Life Coach, NSpirit Coaching

June Clark is wonderful. She has helped me immensely as I am forming my author brand.

Colleen S. Myers


June's experience, encouragement, dedication and thought-provoking questions helped me consider what I was writing from the reader's point of view.

Jeri Quinn

CEO, Driving Improved Resuls and Author of THE CUSTOMER LOYALTY PLAYBOOK

I contracted June for a critique of my query letter. June offers this service at a very reasonable price. Her critique was insightful, polite, comprehensive, and to-the-point. She took the time to provide constructive feedback on the largest obstacle that I would have to overcome in order to have my particular book represented and published. I am very thankful to her honesty and constructive criticisms. I will absolutely contract her services again.

Melissa D. Stiveson


June Clark's experience, enthusiasm, and plain smarts make her an ideal for one-stop public relations and promotion. She always goes the extra mile and a half and never disappoints.

William P. Wood


If you need media help, you want June on your team. "Creativity" is her middle name. She comes up with ideas by the pound, and they are not generic. You can always tell a good idea when it seems so obvious, but you wouldn't have thought of it on your own. June can make the difference between getting noticed or just being wallpaper. She's also got a keen sense of humor, which makes working with her a sheer delight.

Saskia Shakin

The Keynote Coach

June has a knack for figuring out what I need to do to get my brand out there and keep it out there.

Rachel Levine

Consultant and Author

I quickly came to rely on June as a quintessential partner, helping me keep my eye on the ball, both sales-wise and in assessing site usability from the user's perspective on my website revamp project. I highly recommend working with June Clark to keep your business marketing strategy and call to action copy focused on bringing more clients in the door.

Melody Rubie

Smart Start Sitters

June is very dependable and quite knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with and provides value.

Steve Cohen

Labor Management and Advisory Group

June puts warm and caring into her business, makes you feel important and special.

Maria Grazia Swan


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